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PRV-1165GH machining center (gantry structure)
PRV-1165GH machining center (gantry structure)

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  1. The technical specification parameters of PRV-1165GH machining center
  Application: advanced plastic precision mould, advanced car lamp mould, computer industry mould, optical industry mould, high precision hardware mould, small precision spare parts, high precision injection mold, etc
  (1) It can effectively isolate and remove the heat generated by the motor;
  (2) The micro-lubrication system is adopted to provide a stable and uniform oil and gas ratio, so as to produce effective oil film on the bearing ball surface to ensure the bearing life.
  (3) Use the BBT40 knife rod, the two sides to improve the tool rigidity, the floating knife mechanism design, avoid bearing to bear the knife force, to ensure the bearing life;
  (4) The spindle and the spindle motor oil cooling circulating temperature control system, which can effectively to take away the heat energy produced is the spindle and the spindle motor, main shaft to ensure the normal operation, providing high speed cutting stability of accuracy.
  1) X, Y and Z are linear guide rails; Parts can be finished after a clamping milling, boring, drilling, expansion, reaming, tapping process, with a high degree of automation, reliability, simple operation, convenient, pleasant, overall modelling elegant appearance, high mechanical and electrical integration. It is an ideal working mother machine;
  2) Castings: adopt resin sand HT300 cast iron, three-wire rail design, widen the backer, herringbone column design, can withstand the high-speed processing of the inertia, rock-solid;
  3) X, Y, Z axis adopt high rigidity, low noise, low friction, roller linear guide; The three-axis full-stroke support effectively strengthens the accuracy of the kinetic energy and the service life. XYZ axis collocation roller rail, high-speed feed, high speed power cutting, heavy load;
  The stability structure of l gate and high rigid feed system are designed to reduce movement vibration and provide good control. The design rigidity is five times the design of c-type, and the servo rigidity is 3-5 bits of c-type design, which can reach level 9.
  4) High rigidity, double nut high speed mute ball screw rod, greatly reduce the noise value, but can withstand the instantaneous high acceleration and decrease the operating environment of 2G. Accuracy et al. JIS C0 ~ C7, transgrade C6 ~ C10;
  5) PRV-1165GH models using optimal design of gantry, three axis adopt linear motor direct drive, with high speed, high precision, high speed characteristics, can increase the cutting stability, greatly improve processing efficiency.
  6)The design of structure adopts thermal symmetry design, which can effectively reduce the temperature geometry and is suitable for long processing. The z-axis adopts the servo motor to drive the no-load design directly, and the shaft is generated without the angle of the angle at the axial direction, providing the guarantee of the mould finish.
  7)Three axis use temperature auto adaptive system,it can solve the thermal elongation of three axis automatic. Ensure the best state of machine processing,ensure the precision of machining work pieces(Range in 0.005mm).  

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