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  1. Quality guarantee period
  1) the warranty period of the equipment shall be 1 year from the date of final acceptance of the equipment.
  2) 100 per cent door-to-door service and 100 per cent life maintenance (outside of the repair period, provide paid services).
  3) the cost of door-to-door, maintenance and replacement parts will be free.
  4) if one of the following situations is not covered by the warranty:
  A) the need for unauthorized alteration of the equipment; The machine number has been altered or replaced;
  B) damage to machine parts due to improper operation or force majeure caused by the buyer;
  C) the machine parts are damaged due to unstable external current;
  D) without a valid warranty (user union);
  E) the user fails to maintain the machine according to the maintenance system;
  F) machinery for expiry of the warranty;
  G) the buyer shall make the change and cancel the password of the machine.
  5) as a result of customer''s improper operation, the damage is caused to human factors such as the improper maintenance, the supplier will provide free services to help customers solve problems (free door-to-door service personnel, but the parts costs borne by the customer).
  6) in the whole machine machine found within 1 year from the date of the major quality problems affect the normal use of machine tool, and cannot be recognized by the company to repair by repair or replacement parts, it shall be replaced machine, all expenses paid by the supplier. Besides, it can only be solved by repairing or replacing parts. Any defects in the machine tool can only be solved by repairing or replacing parts of the machine after 1 year.
  2. Response time
  1) during the warranty period, the company guarantees that the service personnel shall give the phone or network to solve the problem within 2 hours when the company guarantees any quality problems or customers need technical advice. 8 hours of working time (shenzhen, dongguan, huizhou area), including Saturday and Sunday. (except for evening or national holidays).
  2) the equipment fails, the service branch is located in the urban area of the city within 24 hours of the home repair service, the outer suburb is implemented within 48 hours of the home repair service. The supplier shall be responsible for the repair within 48 hours (the supplier shall provide the necessary parts for the maintenance and replacement of the machine for free).
  3. Technical training
  Company after the machine installation and debugging qualified, according to user''s appointed commissioner, free for a 1 week for the machine to use training operation training and technology programming instruction system, ensure the machine can timely, correctly and put into use. The specific implementation plan is as follows:
  1) after signing the contract, the company will provide free a related set of instructions to the buyer customers, customers can let the buyer in advance to arrange related personnel familiar with the machine and system operation, can communicate through online during production, basically completed preliminary understanding of the machine and the operator of the preparatory work.
  2) it is possible to provide the buyer''s customers free of charge for the production site training of several people to shenzhen head office to guarantee the smooth use of the machine by the buyer''s customers.
  3) when the machine is delivered, the company will send 3 professional qualified and experienced service personnel to assist with the delivery, commissioning and training, and ensure that the machine will be put into use in the fastest time.
  4) value-added projects:
  A) the company regularly holds workshops on maintenance and maintenance of various machine tools, training after-sales service staff for dealers, improving the skills of dealing with daily problems, and promoting the concept of quality service of the company.
  B) the company provides training on machine instruction at the commissioning site, as well as the training of machine maintenance and common failure prevention.
  C) to buy CNC and other high-end technology products of the company''s customers, the company provides professional works in the factory face to face counseling, including the operating machine, programming, machine maintenance, as well as the common faults of prevention treatment.
  D) the company shall be responsible for the failure of the machine in the use of the machine in time, and provide technical guidance for users to use errors caused by errors and the process programming required by users.
  E) if buyer''s customer needs, the company can provide customers with the process programming optimization plan.
  F) the company also produces many other types of products besides bidding products. We can provide free technical consulting services to users.
  G) to provide the best price for the tools and accessories required by the buyer''s customers.
  H) the company will send professional personnel to maintain the machine tool every six months, check the usage of the machine, communicate with the users in time, and ensure the good use of the machine.
  When the warranty expires, the technical engineer will make a complete free maintenance of all the machines. After the warranty expires, the repair parts are provided at a price that is superior to the market price.
  J) the customer center of the company will make regular calls to visit service quality, follow up the after-sales service process and conditions to ensure the reliable guarantee of customer''s after-sales service
  K) the large customer service staff of the company will call back every month to understand the quality of service and solve the user''s problems in a timely manner
  4. Standby/accessories support plan
  1) the company has a specialized spare parts library and maintenance spare parts library, and sets up the management of the commissioner and software construction tracking to ensure the fast accessories and the supply of spare parts to meet the customers'' needs.
  2) special administrative personnel daily check the core, each part sets the alarm quantity, to ensure the inventory.
  3) provide the best price for the tools and accessories required by the buyer''s customers.
  4) for the large customers of the project, the company gives priority to high quality and high price to supply all kinds of spare parts.
  5. Maintenance fee collection standard
  1) when the warranty expires, the company''s service personnel will make a comprehensive free maintenance of all the machines. In the next three years, the company will provide a free machine maintenance for the next three years.
  2) when the warranty expires, the company will continue to provide customers with fast equipment maintenance and technical support.
  3) provide repair parts at preferential prices outside the warranty period, and offer the tools and accessories required by users for the preferential price.
  4) the fee schedule
  Ordinal number
  Maintenance costs
  120 yuan per day
  Simple maintenance, no overhaul, including transportation fee
  Normal market price of 9-9.5
  Equipment overhaul
  Market price 10% off




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