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The convergence of Internet and manufacturing will enhance China manufacturing competitiveness  Classification:Industry Information  Released:2017-11-2 8:48:55  Reading:(773)
A seminar on "China manufacturing competitiveness" hosted by Beijing xinbaiyou institute of information economics was held in Beijing. At the meeting, China informationization 100 will jointly launch the 2016 global manufacturing competitiveness index with deloitte.
  The 2016 global manufacturing industry competitiveness index is deloitte global consumer and industrial products industry group and the third report produced by the competition commission, the first two research reports published in 2010 and 2013 respectively. This report in collecting all over the world more than 500 manufacturing executives survey feedback, from personnel, labor productivity, and supplier system, infrastructure and other 12 driving factors analysis, the main manufacturing power ranked 40.
  According to the report, in 2016 China as the world''s most competitive manufacturing country, but the United States and China is the first name, because China  talent, innovation, energy policy and infrastructure, legal, environmental performance improvement is also, to come back in 2020, the United States or will, be the first.
  Report shows that China manufacturing industry competitiveness ranking the first in 2016, besides traditional because of its low cost value proposition, but also because of the long-term development of China to create the infrastructure, have strengthened the role of advanced technology manufacturing in the future.
  According to the report, China successfully developed their own innovation ecosystem, the reason is that its r&d spending significant growth, every year there are a large number of science and engineering graduates, pays attention to technology commercialization and strong growth of venture capital investment. In some areas, China has even surpassed the United States.
  In the subsequent discussion and exchange, information the committee member, China government propose to think, a professor in the school of management of Peking University, China in the next stage must be breakthrough in the field of technology and capital intensive industry, transformation of industrial structure, export into a technology-intensive and high value-added products, and the labor productivity level to rise sharply, only in this way the competitiveness of China manufacturing industry to maintain it.
  China information the committee executive committee, the ministry of industry and information technology information and software services department deputy director AnXiaoPeng pointed out that the trend of the development of the industry of the future will be software support and the definition of industry is data driven industries, is the dominant industrial platform, is to the transformation of service industry. The competitive advantage in the field of IT is unmatched by any other country, so in the new round of industrial revolution, the competitiveness of American manufacturing advantage will increase, its core lies in the transfer of the competitive advantage in the field of IT to the manufacturing sector.
  Under the state council development research center, vice minister of foreign economic research Wang Jinzhao thinks, high-end industry market and not so big, and the mid-range industry labor productivity and a lot of room to improve. China must not abandon the low-end manufacturing industry because it is the foundation of China manufacturing competitiveness and the foundation of economic development. If China manufacturing industry wants to remain competitive, it should improve labor productivity through information technology and smart manufacturing.
  Chen jing, a researcher at the science and technology institute of China university of science and technology, said the real advantage of China manufacturing industry lies in its constant drive for cost innovation. China "shanzhai movement" has turned many high-end industries into middle-end and low-end industries, and realized low-cost advantages that other countries cannot achieve through cost innovation. Think Chen, and now the countries rapid development in the high-tech innovation and high-end manufacturing, should be in the high-end manufacturing and the United States, Germany, Japan, Britain and other countries for positive competition, rather than India, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries competition in low-end manufacturing.
  According to zhao biao, President of China state-owned Shenyang Machine Tool Co., China manufacturing industry and the U.S. manufacturing industry will be the first in China in 2020. The return of American manufacturing is only the return of the manufacturing sector, and the real thing is the product development and market, the manufacturing process because the cost is too high to be done in the United States. Zhao Biao think, look from future industry trends, the high-end market space is limited, more should be in the market, China manufacturing industry should seize the mid-market, accelerate the mid-market oriented technology innovation and research and development, to maintain strong competitiveness.
  China information the committee member, China academy of information and communication, the chief engineer xiao-hui yu said that China manufacturing industry competitive advantage lies in China offer the from all aspects of equipment and materials to manufacturing and field, also has a relatively complete manufacturing related software and information supporting industries; At the same time, the combination of China manufacturing industry and the Internet compared to the United States and other countries are also more closely, if you can push the Internet better fusion and manufacturing, the competitiveness of China manufacturing industry will have great improvement.
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