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Industry 4.0 brings a new manufacturing style enterprise to a clear transition from the traditional value chain  Classification:Industry Information  Released:2018-8-9 8:57:23  Reading:(413)

  Stephen Dyson, head of Proto Labs, a 3D printing plant, argues that highly automated smart factories will not only affect factory workshops, but will also affect broader businesses and supply chains. 4.0 is a new way of supply chain management, industrial features include ultra short lead time, on-demand production and mass customization manufacturing, and can make all sizes of manufacturers have a chance to compete on the global stage.
  CBR Online reported, Capgemini management consultant company (Capgemini) global intelligent factory according to the report, 84% of surveyed manufacturers have smart factory plans, and 56% of manufacturing executives say, over the past five years has been on the intelligent factory plans to invest more than $100 million, while 20% said it had invested more than $500 million.
  The report predicts that by 2020, more than half of the world''s factories will be smart factories, and hence the increased production efficiency will contribute an additional $1.5 billion to the global economy by 2022.
  Dyson, said the traditional value chain from the factory every link, wholesalers, retailers need to prepare a large number of inventory, but if the clever apply digital online, customers can through the online product configuration tool and network order with ERP system directly to order products, the factory is in automatic manufacturing and after receipt of order fulfillment.
  While some manufacturers would prefer to keep the traditional non-digital process, it is also important to acknowledge that the entire manufacturing industry is increasingly embracing digitalization. As the Capgemini report shows, the UK, France, Germany and the us half of manufacturing companies are ready to implement smart factory plans to boost productivity.
  The manufacturing sector must invest if it wants to promote digital transformation, but it cannot invest only in new manufacturing technologies. It also needs to update the background management system. For example, web-based applications for customers must be developed and more focused on data analysis. The allocation of Labour should also be adjusted, with emphasis on digital manufacturing, robotics and automation.
  However, manufacturing industry, like other industries, is facing too few qualified engineers and insufficient staff. Engineering UK, according to a report published in 2017, the British engineer shortage in the UK each year, 20000 engineers, and predicts that by 2024, the UK each year to 186000 Engineering and technical workers, can meet the manufacturing needs of the UK.

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