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  Automobile industry is an important pillar industry of China''s national economy. Its industrial chain, wide employment and high consumption power play an important role in the development of national economy. With the rapid development of auto industry, auto complex high efficiency, high precision, high stability of key parts processing become shorten production cycle, the effective measures to improve business efficiency and competitiveness. Nc machining technology can achieve rapid prototyping of complex automotive components manufacturing, at the same time, the numerical control technology in the virtual manufacturing technology, flexible manufacturing technology, integrated manufacturing technology has been widely used in modern car processing and manufacturing. The intelligent development of nc manufacturing technology in auto parts production will become a development trend in automobile manufacturing industry.
  2025 core planning with 4.0 industry and made in China is put forward, that the arrival of the fourth time the industrial revolution, more emphasis on product manufacturing process the fusion of informatization and industrialization, to implement the intelligent of the manufacturing equipment and its control, such as intelligence, intelligent plant production, human-computer interaction, Internet of things, the organization of the machine, digital manufacturing, etc. CNC machine tools and CNC system is the core element to realize intelligent manufacturing and nc machining technology can realize the rapid prototyping of complex automotive components manufacturing, and numerical control technology in the virtual manufacturing technology, flexible manufacturing technology, integrated manufacturing technology are gradually has been widely used in modern car manufacturing industry. The intelligent development of nc system in automobile parts manufacturing will also become an inevitable trend of modern automobile manufacturing industry. This paper introduces the importance of numerical control system for auto parts manufacturing, and introduces the kinds of nc system used frequently. Then the characteristics and advantages of FANUC numerical control system in intelligent manufacturing are introduced in detail, and some improvement measures for the manufacturing process of special parts for automobile are put forward. At the end of this paper, the development trend of the numerical control system is summarized.
  The importance of numerical control system in automobile parts manufacturing
  With the rapid development of automobile industry, the automobile complex high efficiency, high precision, high stability of key parts processing become shorten production cycle, the effective measures to improve business efficiency and competitiveness. Nc machining technology can convenient realization of rapid prototyping of complex automotive components manufacturing, at the same time numerical control technology in the virtual manufacturing technology, flexible manufacturing technology, integrated manufacturing technology has been widely used in modern car processing and manufacturing. In the case of manual manufacturing, the numerical control technology has laid the foundation for the standardization and standardization of automobile parts manufacturing and the improvement of production quality and actual equipment rate of domestic auto parts. Numerical control technology to provide key automotive components manufacturing complete sets of automation solutions, based on the Internet and industrial processing large data monitoring and remote service receiving and processing data, then carries on the virtual machining and program code detection, the use of numerical control system of processing status, self awareness, self learning and adaptive, since the optimization function implementation artifacts of high machining quality, then mass detection method using industrial robots and CNC machine tool online implement nc machine tools in the car of key parts of flexible and efficient processing and widely used in mass production.
  The type of CNC system used in auto parts manufacturing
  Currently, domestic CNC machine tools and Japanese, American and European import machine tools are more widely used in the two numerical control systems of FANUC and SIEMENS, which can be programmed with G code implementation. In this paper, most of the lathe and multi-axis milling CNC machines adopt the above two numerical control systems and are convenient to integrate with computer aided design. The above two numerical control systems account for the majority of the market share of the machine tool CNC industry. Today, the introduction of some of the German multi-axis machining for complex surface machining center equipped with Hyde han (HEIDENHAIN) numerical control system, the system has a visual and modular large program editing ability, can quickly insert and edit the information and can realize complex curved surface and the porous structure of rapid forming. With the continuous development of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent factory and build some machine tool company started special nc system development according to customer requirements, such as Japan''s big Wei (OKUMA) company, Japan YAMAZAKI mazar-e-sharif grams (YAMAZAKI MAZAK) company, fine machine in giessen, Germany''s horse (DMG MORI), the shenyang machine tool (SMTCL) company of China, etc.
  The characteristics and improvement measures of FANUC system in intelligent manufacturing
  FANUC system has strong influence in the research and development, design, manufacture and sales of CNC system in the world. Its product range covers a variety of manufacturing processes, such as turning, milling, grinding, processing center, etc. FANUC CNC system is easy to use, stable and reliable, and low requirement for industrial environment. FANUC system adopts the general G code programming program, and the program statement structure is simple, the system is stable and reliable. The system can be directly programmed according to the contour size of parts specified in the parts drawing, such as straight inclination, circular radius, chamfer value, etc., simple and intuitive. FANUC system can plan the rough and machining cycle path and the machining allowance specified by the designer according to the design value, simplifying the complex programming. For porous parts, only a given hole center can be used. Then simple circular instructions can be used such as g82-g89 to realize the automatic cycle processing. In the process of surface processing, macro programs (such as # 1, # 2, etc.) can be directly programmed directly, intuitively, efficiently, and practical according to the surface equation (equation # 1, # 2, etc.). At the same time, FANUC system has convenient coordinate transformation function, and can realize multi-coordinate programming. FANUC system has intelligent human-computer interaction interface, from creating the machining program to the actual all operations were eventually can debug and simulation in the same picture, easily implement lathes, machining centers and the milling machine processing cycle programming guide, visualization, and check of the rich.
  In intelligent ways, FANUC system can take advantage of the rich network function, construct the system of CNC machine tools, also can connect with computer CNC, 3 d design of complex parts and NC code conversion (using CAM software) subsequent NC program transmission and monitor CNC status, to implement the intelligent of the complex geometry shape parts manufacturing. It can also connect the machine tools in the factory through Ethernet, centralize unified management, control and monitoring of the operation state of machine tools, and realize the high integration of CNC and computer. Figure 1 shows the application of FANUC system fs0i-f (C) in intelligent production or intelligent plant construction. At present, FANUC system introduces real-time optimization control to control the intelligent machine, and control the real-time optimization according to the changes of the load, temperature and position. High speed, high precision and high quality machining are achieved by using these functional groups. Especially in the complex shapes, such as auto parts and metal mold processing, lectures by program instructions to determine shape, appropriate control of speed and acceleration, obtain smooth processing path within the tolerance range, makes the mechanical shock is abate, nc machine tools play optimal performance and intelligent manufacturing.
  Thin-walled shell parts for automobile industry of manufacturing, such as engine, gearbox casing milling process to load some special postprocessor, such as cutting due to low stiffness shell in the process of cutting vibration lead to lower (figure 2), the machining accuracy of the load adaptive speed control and machine tool shaft torque, torque monitoring module, by automatically adjusting the spindle speed in order to achieve the shaft torque stable cutting condition, improve the processing quality and processing efficiency.
  At present, OKUMA company in Japan has installed the function in the self-developed numerical control system, reducing the requirement for operators to have a lot of processing experience. Loads at the axis of motor torque and torque monitoring numerical control module can also help identifying cutting blade or the handle and artifacts or clamp in the process of the moment of collision, so stop machine movement, and protection of the main shaft from damage. In addition, hope FANUC system load online testing modules such as rainie salt (Renishaw probe), especially the pore diameter of porous parts for the auto detection and location, will some simple three coordinates testing functional integration in digital control system, implementation process, high precision, high efficiency of detection and repair the one-piece processing mode.
  Future development trend of numerical control system
  Faced with many degrees of freedom complex components of high quality, high efficiency integration of intelligent manufacturing requirements, numerical control system in the future development in the direction of the multidimensional composite processing is changed, realize a fake card complete processing the cars, milling, drilling process of composite processing. In addition, the numerical control system needs to have more advanced trajectory planning strategy and motor control strategy to achieve high speed and high precision machining. As the development trend of intelligent manufacturing, numerical control system should be highly intelligent human-machine interface, and realize the machining process planning function and process of diagnosis and the adaptive control strategy, the future of CNC system will realize the machine tool itself to make the whole comprehensive self monitoring and management. Numerical control system can automatically according to the 3 d model of spare parts planning loading card position, machining and cutting tools, and the Internet are more likely to adopt Ethernet technology to realize mutual communication and collaboration of each machine tool factory planning process for the shortest time steps, by means of communication with the manipulator to realize the automatic up-down material picking card, and etc, implement key parts of intelligent automatic rapid prototyping manufacturing complex.

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