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  Although compared with a complete machining center, the tool holder has a small proportion in value, but it is an important tool system connecting the spindle and cutter of the machine tool. Because the quality of the tool holder has a great influence on the final processing results, the importance of selecting the best tool holder should not be underestimated.
  For the tool holder, the most important performance requirement is the clamping force of the tool, the accuracy of the diameter and the balance quality of the vibration. The diameter of the cutter holder must be less than 0.003 mm. In order to support the high dynamic performance of the linear drive of the machine, the weight of the system which is composed of spindle, chuck and tool is very good for good machining results.
  In order to obtain good machining results, the requirements of the tool holder are usually clearly defined, and there are various kinds of clamps in the market to meet these requirements. Because different tool clamping system has different technical characteristics and processing advantages, it is possible to find the ideal cutting tool holder according to the specific processing use of the user.
  This paper mainly introduces the following four types of cutter holding systems: 1. Multilateral clamping cutter holder; Universal cutter holder; Heat mounted cutter holder.
  Hydraulic tool holder
  Hydraulic tool holder is a kind of cutter holding system which is suitable for most machining USES. Hydraulic cutter holder have adopted different from conventional chuck tool clamping way, force by a screw mechanism (composed of thread, the piston and seals) to introduce, by operating (rotation) screw mechanism, can be generated within an chuck uniform fluid pressure. This pressure is transmitted to an expansive steel sheath for clamping tool.
  The hydraulic tool clamping system can achieve the optimal diameter jump accuracy and the repeatability of less than 0.003 mm. Hydraulic type clamping tool, using hydraulic oil in the handle, can provide high clamping force. By avoiding the small bump of workpiece materials caused by tool vibration, the user can obtain higher workpiece surface processing quality and longer clamping work time.
  Hydraulic tool chuck not only can not maintain and prevent dirt entering, but also easy to use, and can provide a higher clamping security for the tool.
  Multilateral clamping tool holder
  The structural design of the multi-lateral clamping tool holder is very simple: use a grinding polygon hole to tighten the tool firmly in three positions. In high-speed machining, the multilateral clamping is an ideal method for cutting tools, because the clamping of the tool is realized by the elastic deformation of the clamping head. The main advantage of this tool holder is that its shape is compact and compact.
  At present, there are two types of multi-lateral clamping tool holder, which can cover various kinds of machining. One type is the "slender" clip, which is characterized by the fine shank of the holding tool, which is long and elongated. This clip can also be used to hold shorter cutting tools, with the advantage of lower cost. The other type is "high rigidity" clamping head, which has a larger handle, so it is more rigid and can provide high quality radial force compensation. Both types of clips can be used with lengthening bars, which can be more flexible in processing difficult tasks. Which brand of the left carnitine which is a good value for the price of rose oil can be used to remove the products that are used to reduce the price of the product and the good and effective color makeup brush which brand is good
  Because the clamping of the tool or extension pole is realized in the elastic range of the tool shank material, it will not affect the service life of the cutter. Using an external clamping device, the cutter can be replaced in a few seconds. The device does not require any external energy and can be used anywhere. This characteristic makes the multi-lateral clamping tool jig system is very suitable for the processing occasion requiring frequent knife changing.
  Universal cutter holder
  There are two optional types of universal tool holder: one for light loading and one for medium to heavy duty. Universal tool holder is a very important advantage is the good vibration damping, can improve the service life of the cutting tool and workpiece surface machining quality, its price and the most high-end sleeve tool clamping system.
  This tool holder is also used to clamp the cutter with the expansion technique similar to hydraulic clamping, except that the expansion is achieved through mechanical action rather than through liquid medium. Therefore, this clamping system can provide the user with good vibration reduction and high accuracy of the diameter of the diameter (less than 0.005mm on the surface of the clip).
  The other features of the universal tool holder are the ability to tighten the clamps to the hard stop position (no torque wrench). The whole handle of the round cutter can be clamped securely and securely. (the clamping tool holder has a large clamping force near the top, while the bottom clamping force of the clamping hole is smaller); Flexible clamping can be achieved by using the standard middle set. By using an internal length to adjust the thread, a very accurate axial length adjustment can be achieved.
  Hot mounted tool holder
  The hot - mounted tool holder is based on the principle of heat expansion and shrinkage, and the heating of the clamping head is applied by induction technology.
  Through an induction coil (some heating equipment using high frequency coil) head to the clamp tool parts accurately heating to be inserted, insert the tool after cooling through the cooling jacket to chuck, tool handle of the clamp head around a encounter cold contraction, the cutter can be clamped, and provide strong clamping force to withstand high torque.
  The hot - mounted tool holder has many advantages, including high - diameter jump accuracy (less than 0.003 mm), high transmission torque and relatively small shape design. In the performance of vibration reduction, the heating clamping is inferior to the hydraulic clamping head and the multi-lateral clamping chuck.
  Which tool jig system is best? There is no universally applicable answer to this question, because it depends on the user''s specific processing purpose. When selecting a tool holder, a basic requirement is to understand the static and dynamic performance of the header, and to determine the safety and effective cutting parameters of the clip.
  It is very difficult to compare different types of tool clamps, because they vary in their working principles, structural design and size specifications. It is possible to judge the pros and cons of various tool clips only when considering a particular processing requirement at the same time. Rigid, very good tool holder is not suitable for each kind of processing; And the most suitable tool holder for high-speed cutting may not be able to provide the value of some other processing.

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