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  With the industry gradually entering the 4.0 era, China made 2025, manufacturing technology transformation and upgrading, intelligent manufacturing will become the trend, machine replacement, factory intelligence is imperative. Joe young (JOYOU) cnc as a professional industrial automation solutions provider, has been following the country''''s industrial strategy and the trend of the development of the industry, dedicated to the research and solutions to industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing all kinds of problems which provide help for the manufacturing enterprise and industry development. Joe young (JOYOU) cnc invited and take an active part in all kinds of domestic related important exhibitions, and obtain the good effect in the exhibition for the general customers friends can be more timely understand Joe young dynamic, the exhibition is to Joe young recently to show show, at the same time, hope every friend can positive attention and guidance.
  The 13th China (tianjin) international machine tool exhibition
  Joyou booth: N1 hall a04-1
  Time: 2017/3/9 -- 2017/3/12
  Venue: no.18, friendship south road, xiqing district, tianjin meijiang international exhibition center
  Organizer: China machinery industry association China international trade promotion board machinery industry branch
  2017 China (tianjin) international machine tool exhibition (" tianjin machine tool exhibition ") will be held at tianjin meijiang convention and exhibition center from March 9-12, 2017. The show guides to support for the ministry of commerce of the People''''s Republic of China, is the world''''s only show business association certification body, the international exhibition organizers international professional exhibition industry (UFI) certification, brand exhibition, technology exchange and trade cooperation, promotion, international research as a whole, increasing specialization, scale, and presents the internationalization and the brand such as outstanding characteristics, has grown into the equipment manufacturing industry at home and abroad to understand market trends, the latest release information window and the authority of the platform production enterprises purchase equipment and raw materials.
  The twenty-fourth international equipment manufacturing fair in western China (xi ''''an)
  Joyou booth: no. B2, G03
  Exhibition time: March 16, 2017 - March 19
  Venue: the north gate of the international exhibition center of qujiang new area, xi ''''an city, qujiang international exhibition center
  Host: China machinery industry federation, China trade promotion commission, Eurasian economy BBS...
  Exhibition profile: international equipment manufacturing industry in western China expo fair (hereinafter referred to as the western system) is approved by the ministry of science and technology of the People''''s Republic of China, by China machinery industry federation, China council for the promotion of trade, the Eurasian economic BBS and xi ''''an people''''s government hosted, twice a year in March to be held in June in xi ''''an, chengdu international equipment manufacturing industry of the expo, is the collection product display, trade order, the academic research, investment and technical cooperation meeting as one of the industry. Since 2003, the western China fair has been successfully held for 22 consecutive years, including 13 consecutive annual sessions in xi ''''an and seven sessions in chengdu. On March 19 solstice 22, 2015 in xi ''''an qujiang successfully hosted the 20th western expo, more than 1500 exhibitors, respectively from the United States, Italy, Britain, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan) and so on more than 10 countries and regions. Indoor and more than 5000 booths, outdoor exhibition area of 10000 square meters, a total exhibition area of 100000 square meters, a four-day exhibition, attracted 85000 visitors at home and abroad more than 20 industry, the volume of nearly 5 billion yuan. Fair in the western system of the equipment manufacturing industry at home and abroad a number of exhibitors and the common recognition and support of users, the western system of expo continuous won the "China''''s most influential brand exhibition", "China''''s industrial equipment exhibition", "xi ''''an best exhibition" and so on many honors, known as the "western industrial no.1".
  The 18th shenzhen international machinery manufacturing exhibition
  Joyan stand: no. 1, 1L36
  Exhibition time: March 29, 2017 - April 1, 2017
  Venue: fuhua road, futian district, futian district, shenzhen
  Host: shenzhen machinery industry association
  Show abstract: since 2000, with the continuous development of the pearl river delta manufacturing, shenzhen international machinery manufacturing industry exhibition (SIMM) gradually become south China and even the world''''s machinery manufacturing industry event. Association (UFI) as an international exhibition organizers in China''''s first recognized and recommended by the international professional exhibition in south China, one of the shenzhen brand exhibition, machinery exhibition ", "shenzhen has been held successfully for 17 years. Along with the world''''s top companies have joined and speed up the transformation and upgrading of China''''s manufacturing industry trends, SIMM has from the traditional mainly display, trading and procurement mode of the exhibition, transformation for the intelligent manufacturing system, advanced technology, personalized processing solutions, BBS and so on the theme of the industry characteristics represented by the large international communication platform. Exhibition will cover metal cutting machine tools, sheet metal forming machine tool and die, machinery, automation, knives and other metal processing fields, gather industry leader and buyers at home and abroad, make it become the pearl river delta and south China region to discuss cooperation and trade, metal processing field tracking technology development trend, research the market the most authoritative, the most effective platform for the enterprise brand promotion.

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