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In recent years, the development of CNC machine tools has been very fast, which has replaced the original traditional machine tool to some extent. However CNC programming often lay particular stress on the compilation of the program of 3 d profile, structural plane program is often neglect, adopt manual programming or no suitable software program structure surface, caused the low efficiency of nc machining. In the process of domestic automobile mould processing, the procedural rate of the structural plane is low, and the safety factor of the program is not high. In order to make the "made in China 2025" strategic plan, we will focus on the layout of digital manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing.


Nc programming containing type surface programming with surface programming structure, structural plane program and CNC operator manual compiled and programmer USES the software programming in two ways, manual programming exists affect machining efficiency and risk. In order to improve the nc machining efficiency, the structural plane is to be programmed. However, in the process of the construction process, the process is often cumbersome, a small negligence can have serious consequences, and the light cutting tool can be discarded. Therefore, the security of structural plane programming must be considered. In the application of structural surface automation, several other links also need to be attached.

1 casting photos:

The programmer adopts the theoretical drawing dimension when preparing the structural plane program. While nc machining, the processing object is the casting. As we all know, the casting drawings cannot be completely consistent with theory: casting drawings of machining surface than theory usually have less than 5 mm deviation, processing areas within 10 -- 15 mm mm deviation (casting manufacturer''s technical force is weak or deviation will be bigger), but in reality, due to a change, the casting defects cause deformation, etc, may cause the error will be bigger, if completely according to the theory of size to compile program tend to cause play knife or crash happen; Even if it doesn''t happen, there will be a knife phenomenon. Therefore, the data processing must be tested before preparing the structural surface procedure.

2. General idea of structural plane programming:

2.1 structure surface programming and processing follow the principle from the outside to the bottom, fully consider the interference issue and increase the interference procedure when necessary; Considering the processing efficiency and quality, all machining tools prefer short knives.

2.2 baffle and mounting surface processing sequence: process Angle a rough block a rough installation surface a semi-fine retaining wall (clear Angle) a fine mounting surface a fine retaining wall;

2.3 blocks mounting surface choose knife order: ¢160, 100, 80, 100, as far as possible priority to use the sword;

2.4 when processing the panel mounting surface, the face milling cutter should eliminate the direct feeding on the surface and realize the external feeding, if it is unavoidable, it will be inclined to feed into the knife, and the feeding speed will be slowed down.

2.5 precision milling and running twice;

2.6 when the processing cavity is deep, the safety height cannot be too high, otherwise, the overpass phenomenon will occur in the processing.

2.7 programming order, as far as possible with the same tools to process, avoid frequent change of knife, careful consideration of interference problem;

2.8 procedures must be checked, checked and reviewed before being issued.

The above mentioned structure surface programming is cumbersome, how to simplify the complicated things? The programming software can integrate these basic programming steps separately with NCSET, and the characteristic library is associated with the NCSET, and directly select the actual characteristics of the scan to generate the program directly when preparing the structural plane program. Modularized programming reduces the amount of repetitive work, reduces programming error risk and programmer fatigue strength, improves programming efficiency!

3. Construction of the relevant tools of the structural plane:

According to the mold structure complicated degree and CNC machine tool storage hardware facilities, temporary 20 for automated processing, the cutting tool adhere to the principle of cutting tool type as much as possible, and the tool length is not too big, blade length in the range of machine tool knife library.

At present, there are many domestic scanning technology companies, such as ATOS, agile car mould 3d optical rapid detection, etc. The main detection methods include white light scanning and casting photos, and the structural surface data detection mainly adopts the casting method. The pictures according to the detection and bottom as a benchmark for some pictures, and then take the IGES format to import the data in the programming software, according to some body modeling, ensure consistent with the actual amount of hair embryo.

20 all the cutting tool to take infrared static measurement tool length of knife apparatus, recording data, the measurement data is passed to the programming and tool library, at this time in view of the same programming tool and tool library to define the same blade number and name.

When the programmer establishes the programming tool (with the knife number virtual cutter), the cutting three elements: speed, feed, and the amount of the knife are filled into the virtual cutter

Input the measuring knife length into the machine tool: from 51-70, 51 to T01, and 52 with the length of T02... Before each machining tool, the cutter can measure the cutter''s length by measuring the tool''s length, and then put it into the tool base of the machine tool, and the corresponding cutter according to the knife number is used in the actual machining. However, in the process of processing, there is no automatic command of the knife, and G43H_ is adopted directly to realize the length compensation.

4 structural surface automation processing:

Structural plane automated processing in two kinds of circumstances: a) the site operator to connect in automation processing b) good programmers to connect program provided to the scene, the operator to run the program directly in structural plane automated processing

A) the site operator automatically connects to make structural surface automation

Open the machine program automatically connected tool plugins, will need to program by "load directory" one-click all loaded into, software default "automatic tool change" and "automatic blade length measurement", "try knife procedure" hook, click on the "generator", try to save O1000 for knife program; Click the "production program" to save the O1111 main program. CNC operators will be able to process the tools, main programs and subroutines into the machine.

In this case, the procedure and the main program will automatically adjust the cutter according to the code, automatically judge the length of the knife and the length compensation, and the actual operation will produce alarm prompt if abnormal occurrence occurs.

B) the programmer connects the program to the site, and the site operator runs the program directly to perform structural surface automation

It is not necessary for the software to develop the automatic processing of automobile mould structure, which is the advantage that the author thinks other programming software cannot match. According to the procedure, the main program and the test knife program can be automatically produced in the post-processing, and the process can be automated and processed directly by the direct calling program. G65P8060... The way is done.

After many authentication, structural plane automated processing technology can be applied in auto mould processing production completely, integrated various aspects technology measure, programmers to provide linker will become the mainstream of structural plane automation processing. It is urgent to use advanced programming software to improve the domestic programming technology.


With the high-speed development of China''s automobile industry, mould industry has entered a high-speed development period, the automobile cover parts die structure surface automation processing technology is a key way for the development of mould and die industry, we should cling to the development of the industry opportunities, constant exploration, shorten the structural plane automation level of processing the gap with advanced countries, positive for the "made in China 2025" strategic planning, the layout of the key digital manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and efforts to improve technology level of die and mould industry in China.


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