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Artificial intelligence is the core direction of new industrial revolution  Classification:Industry Information  Released:2017-11-2 8:50:53  Reading:(769)

  The new round of industrial transformation is sweeping the world, and artificial intelligence is the core direction of the new round of industrial transformation. Nowadays, more and more traditional manufacturing enterprises are transforming the old and new kinetic energy to create new development opportunities with artificial intelligence as the new driving force of development.
  "We are entering a new era of technological and industrial change." According to the Chinese academy of sciences, the basic features of this new era are digitization, basic forms are networked applications, important features and results are intelligent. Intelligence continuously endows the traditional industry with new energy, which will give the manufacturing industry more efficiency and better effect.
  Made in China 2025 has laid the foundation for China smart manufacturing policy. Late last year, the ministry, the ministry of finance issued "intelligent manufacturing development plan (2016-2020), puts forward intelligent manufacturing development strategy of" two-step ": in 2020, the more intelligent manufacturing development foundation and support, the traditional manufacturing industry in key areas of basic digital manufacturing; By 2025, the intelligent manufacturing support system will be basically established, and the key industry will initially realize intelligent transformation.
  Honorary President of the former minister of ministry of information industry, the Chinese electronic society Wu Jichuan pointed out that China manufacturing industry, equipment industry is in a critical period of transformation, which will be smart technology applied in manufacturing industry, using the Internet, such as cloud computing platform to promote our country manufacturing industry upgrade, it is of great significance.
  "The manufacturing sector needs to shift to smart, China high-speed trains are going to the world, and smart products, smart manufacturing and smart services have to keep up." Wang jun, vice-president of China car company, a beneficiary of the smart manufacturing strategy, revealed that China high-speed trains now have more than 21 products and models in operation. By the end of 2016, the total number of high-speed trains running on the train reached 2,595, more than 60% of the global total.
  "Bogie is affect the safety critical components, we from the beginning of the bogie of digital prototype, according to the structure constructed virtualization technology, flexibility, non-continuous bogie digital line, organic combination of virtual and physical world, the realization of digital manufacture of the high-speed train bogie." Mr. Wang said.
  Sany group, senior vice President, east east is introduced, in the field of artificial intelligence, trinity early start building big data of equipment remote monitoring and fault detection system, with more than ten thousand sets of equipment data, equipment failure rate greatly reduced.
  Nowadays, artificial intelligence has become the main way to increase production efficiency and reduce the cost of enterprises in more and more traditional manufacturing industries. As an important hub of domestic manufacturing enterprises, the tianjin binhai new area district party committee secretary Zhang Yuzhuo said, binhai new area will be based on high-end technical conditions, carrier platform foundation, the advantages of the science and technology talent resources, main intelligent manufacturing, to reduce the enterprise cost, improve production efficiency, and as an important gripper of binhai new area industry transformation and upgrading.
  During the world intelligent conference in tianjin, the beijing-tianjin-hebei industrial cooperative development center, which was set up by the China institute of electronic information industry development, announced the settlement of tianjin economic and technological development zone. In the future, the center will undertake the functions of the national innovation platform and innovation center of the intelligent manufacturing industry, and actively promote the cooperation of "made in China 2025" and promote the construction of intelligent manufacturing industrial parks.
  How to further advance the integration of artificial intelligence and manufacturing? Wu cheng, an academician at the Chinese academy of engineering, believes that any link in the manufacturing of the entire life cycle, using artificial intelligence, is in the category of intelligent manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing can not only be "the sky", but also "ground", that is, all aspects of manufacturing can be made.
  Lin shiwan, President of the United States industrial Internet alliance, has suggested that the industrial Internet could play an important role in the development of China smart industry from a foreign experience. "It will help us to better optimize our production process and better allocate and integrate resources through the whole process of manufacturing system."

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