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Skyworth Group co.,LTD


 Company profile:
  The SKYWORTH was founded in 1988, the headquarters is located in the high-tech industrial park of shenzhen, known as the silicon valley, with more than 30,000 employees. Skyworth based on China, facing the world, is a research and development manufacturing consumer electronics, digital set-top boxes, security monitor, display device, network communication, semiconductor, ice wash, 3 c digital, LED lighting and other products as the main industry of large high-tech group company, in 2000 in Hong Kong main board listed (HK00751). After 25 years of development, skyworth has been ranked among the world''s top ten color TV brands, China shows the leading brand of the industry and the 14th of China electronic top 100. In 2012, the value of the brand was 352.95 billion yuan.
  TV: health cloud TV (4K ultra clear series) health cloud TV (ultra-narrow edge series) Smart TV 2D LED product accessories
  Electric technology: refrigerator washing machine 3C digital
  Skyworth wireless: mobile phone
  Security products: large screen LCD Mosaic large screen DLP splicing system splicing controller monitor multimedia digital sign touch control information release system
  Digital technology: digital TV terminal broadband access device digital TV front broadcasting star household products broadband video terminal network TV set-top box
  Precision science and technology (mold) : auto mould and product appliance mould and product medical equipment mould and other mould and products
  Lighting appliances: industrial lighting series of commercial lighting series of lighting series municipal lighting series constant current driving series
  Photoelectric technology: touch the case of an LED screen project
  Automotive electronics: Navigation series products   Product technology platform   Traffic safety products   Market promotion    Installation tutorial

Address:13-16layer block A,SKYWORTH building,high-tech south one road,Nanshan district,Shenzhen city

National service hotline:951055554008665555
SKYWORTH Commercial TV purchasing Hotline:0755-29689807
Zip code:518108



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