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The development status and trend of high-speed wire cutting edm  Classification:Technical Support  Released:2017-10-30 14:07:18  Reading:(783)

  1. The introduction
  High speed wire cutting technology is used to process the workpiece, not mechanical force. Therefore, high-speed silk can process any hardness, strength and brittleness of conductive material, without the limitation of material performance, in the present mechanical processing field is very important
  The application is very promising.
  2. The research status of high-speed wire cutting technology
  2.1 Cutting efficiency
  The cutting efficiency of high - speed wire - wire cutting technology has been improved in cutting efficiency. Using the intelligent pulse power supply, combined with the compound working fluid, the cutting efficiency can reach 150 ~ 180mm2 / min at this time, the electrode wire loss is less than 0.01 mm / 200,000 mm2, and the maximum machining effect can reach up to 250mm2 / min. These indicators are close to generally one-way request for wire cutting efficiency, but because of the high speed wire edm wire-cut machine running cost is only a small percentage of low-speed wire, so compared with high-speed wire has very obvious advantages.
  2.2 High thickness cutting
  One-way silking because speed is slow, the speed of wire electrode itself alone is difficult to to make the cooling liquid into the machining gap, deionization and eliminate impurities, needs to be deionized water high pressure injection. But when cutting thickness is more than 200 mm, with high pressure and it is hard to deionized water, into the spark gap cause greatly increases the probability of wire-breaking, increased the cost of production, but also affect the subsequent production. And the working fluid of high speed wire relies mainly on the high-speed mobile wire electrode into, working liquid is easy to enter to the discharge gap, cooling, washing and deionization, so the high speed wire cutting can undertake high thickness and even thickness. At present, the highest cutting thickness of high-speed wire machine tool is over 1,000 mm, and it has a custom product with over 1,500mm cutting thickness.
  2.3 Large taper cutting
  Taper cutting, just as its name implies is in the process of machining, wire electrode needs to be tilted Angle, but for wire and low-speed wedm machine tool is very difficult, because of the need to work in the heart of the process fluid high pressure injection sloped machining gap, the difficulty of implementation. Therefore, when the workpiece is produced with a large taper, it is easy to cause the electrode breakage and affect the subsequent production. However, high-speed wire is mainly used for the high speed of the wire to bring the working fluid into the processing gap, relatively easy to achieve the great taper cutting. The maximum cutting taper has high speed wire at present of plus or minus 45 °, superiority is quite obvious.
  2.4 Stable multiple cutting implementation
  In terms of machining accuracy and surface roughness, high speed wire for low-speed wire, still has certain gap, and many times if using high-speed wire cutting artifacts, will greatly reduce the difference between the distance between them. The high speed wire cutting have been able to reach many times to Ra < 0.8 mu m, stable cutting accuracy within 0.01 mm, 3 times cut cut a fix (2) the comprehensive efficiency of up to 80 was/min, Ra < 1.2 microns, and low-speed wire gap is still small.
  2.5 Wire life
  The life of electrode wire is the key to efficient machining of the workpiece and the vitality of high-speed silk. At present, under the right conditions of processing, the cutting area can reach 900,000 mm2, which is very substantial.
  3. The development trend of high-speed wire cutting technology
  With the rapid development of economic and social development, people are demanding more and more products. To this end, high-speed wire cutting technology can not be used in the same place, but also needs to be improved and developed in many aspects to meet the needs of all aspects and improve market competitiveness.
  3.1 Higher machining surface quality.
  With the high-speed development of economy, people of high speed wire processing surface quality requirements also more and more high, and the wire electrode in the process of machining vibration is the important cause of the poor quality of the surface, therefore should strengthen the constant Zhang Liyun wire system research and development, in order to reduce the vibration of wire electrode in the processing, improve the quality of high speed wire processing the surface of the workpiece.
  3.2 More excellent working fluid.
  High speed wire cutting ability of big thickness and large thickness, make its advantages, but also to the requirement of working liquid, higher to ensure the smooth cutting process, less pollution to the environment and harmless to the human body. Type ceramic composites in recent years, more widely, but in the use of high speed wire during processing, the existing working fluid in machining process is not easy to flow, and adhesion on the wire electrode, exclusion and deionization affecting electric corrosion products, it is easy to cause broken wires, affect the subsequent processing, so development suitable for the special materials of working liquid will be imminent.
  3.3 Green energy saving
  With the development of economy and the rapid increase of population, people''''''''''''''''s demand for energy is increasing. Green energy conservation has become the new theme of world economic development. Therefore, it is necessary to develop new pulse power supply. Green energy saving and environmental protection will be the quality which must be possessed. This will inject new vitality into the fast development of high-speed walking.
  3.4 Over-thickness machining
  In ultra thickness processing, while high speed wire of workpiece can be processed more than 1000 mm, but the process is not stable, caused the machining accuracy and surface roughness is bad, need to more than 600 mm ultra thickness of workpiece cutting more put power, so it can stable processing.
  3.5 Processing technology in gas.
  Gas processing technology as its name implies is processed in the air, relative to the working fluid in wire cutting edm, it has environment protection without pollution during processing, processing surface no electrochemical corrosion, good surface quality. Experts from Harbin institute of technology have studied the process of gas processing and verified the feasibility of its operation through experiments. However, through the experiment, it also found that the defects, such as cooling by air, are very poor, and there is no working fluid to remove the cuttings, and the cuttings effect is poor, resulting in the slow processing speed. Therefore, how to improve the cooling effect and chip effect of the processing technology in gas will be the focus of the development of processing technology in the gas, and also play an important role in promoting the development of high-speed wire.
  4. Conclusion
  This article mainly introduced the high speed wire edm wire cutting technology in such aspects as cutting efficiency and the big taper cutting of the status quo, as well as the development trend of cutting efficiency and machining surface quality, etc, through which can be aware of their deficiencies and future development direction, contributed to the development of the expectation for future wire cutting technology.

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