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Our company successfully participated in the 2017 shenzhen international machinery exhibition  Classification:Company Dynamic  Released:2018-4-4 13:34:39  Reading:(663)

  Solstice 29 March 2017 on April 1, high-profile manufacturing event - the 18th shenzhen international machinery manufacturing industry exhibition was held at shenzhen convention &exhibition centre, more than 1100 well-known enterprises at home and abroad, including JOYOU, with new product ideas and technology service attended the event.
  As one of the most influential industry brand exhibition, machinery exhibition in shenzhen has transformation for the intelligent manufacturing system, advanced processing technology, personalized processing solution, BBS and so on the theme of the industry characteristics represented by the large international communication platform, the exhibition covers the metal cutting machine tools, sheet metal forming machine tool and die, machinery, automation, knives and other metal processing fields.
  This exhibition, Joe young carries the composite machine, milling machine, gantry type high speed composite drilling and milling machine, highlights the machine, the line rail and high precision processing machine, drilling and tapping machine for exhibition, Joe young based on the machine of good quality, high practicality, high cost performance, competitive, the exhibition attracted a large number of visitors stop to visit understand, especially our company research and development of new type PRV - 850 car milling compound has become the focus of attention of the scene came to visit and consulting. During the whole exhibition, Joe young booth crowded every day, an endless stream, many visitors that reach the cooperation intention with Joe young on the spot, this also let us Joe young staff can provide customers with better products and services provide a solid faith and strong power.
  In recent years, in the "industry 4.0" and "made in China 2025" and so on all sorts of modern intelligent manufacturing concept, under the impact of the global manufacturing was again focused attention, various size enterprise scrambled to the modern manufacturing industry. Qiao Yang accurately grasps The Times weathervane, actively responds to the country''''s manufacturing power strategy, committed to intellectual innovation, and provides a full range of automation solutions for enterprises. Believe in the joint efforts of Joe young people and the general customers the support of friends, Joe young will realize "do the industry pioneer Tree national brand "goal, for the national manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading contribute an own strength.

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