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Why do German mechanics earn more money and position than university professors?  Classification:Industry Information  Released:2017-10-19 14:03:20  Reading:(755)

  Germany''s former President, Herzog, once said, "in order to remain economically competitive, what Germany needs is not more doctors, but more technicians." The technician referred to here refers to the industrial technician who supports "made in Germany".
  When it comes to Germany, it is natural to think of Germany''s famous cars,Germany''s machine equipment, and German tools. To be sure, Germany''s remarkable success in manufacturing is due to the German government''s massive commitment to professional education and the respect of the entire society for skilled workers. German entrepreneurs believe that first-rate products require first-rate technicians to make, and then advanced scientific research results, without the process of skilled craftsmen, and it is difficult to become competitive products.
  German technician salary higher than the national average wage, the wages of technical school graduates almost universal is higher than the wages of college graduates, college graduates white-collar average salary of around 30000 euros, and mechanic an average annual salary is around 35000 euros, a lot of industry mechanic salary is much higher than ordinary civil servants, even above, a professor at the university.
  Because of the high wages of German technicians and the high demand for manufacturing workers, 65% of junior high school graduates go to vocational schools every year by dropping out of high school and then going to college. Germany''s education is funded by the government in full, and a student can get the government 4100 euros a year from education. Students are "ordered" by enterprises to be the prospective employees of the enterprise during the study period of the vocational school, and the enterprise should pay the "ordering" technical school students to pay the study allowance of 600-800 euros per month.
  The German society''s respect for skilled workers is second to none in the world, which makes German craftsmen''s wages generally higher. German doer is more talented person, they have created the world famous "made in Germany" with exquisite craftsmanship technology. Germany has weathered the storm, but German manufacturing has kept the German economy growing steadily and has underpinned Europe''''s crisis. The eurozone has so far been standing, and Germany has made a difference.
  The key to German manufacturing is that the country has amassed a wealth of "artisan" resources, including engineers, senior technicians and ordinary mechanics. The German craftsman spirit is rigorous, standard, meticulous, stipulate the screw needs to make five rings, they will not twist four and a half. Both engineers and ordinary mechanic, each marketer skills, have a plenty of the ancestral inheritance, but more from all over Germany vocational schools, vocational school, and even university of applied technology, and training of the German association of industry and enterprise internal field training is also very common.
  The question is, why do the Germans want to work as mechanics rather than pursue higher education?
  In Germany, being a mechanic is not a disgrace
  People in Germany, it seems, everyone do is merely a different division of labor, whether politicians, educators, entrepreneurs, engineers or technicians, They''''re just career differences, there is no the pecking alike. The word "profession" in German means the vocation or the calling of god, the occupation of each person, and the meaning of the "vocation" is holy. Because of this, the germans are conscientious and responsible, and can work in a quiet way.
  The artisan also has a high income
  The average mechanic earns between 2000 and 3000 euros (14500-22,000 yuan) and is no worse than college graduates and better job hunting. The advanced mechanic is the treasure of the enterprise, they have higher income, the family is not under the words, and also can buy a car, enjoy the high quality of life. Even for the family, one person can also be holidays abroad or to focus on their own hobbies, such as wine collection, antique calligraphy and painting collection, etc., these are not only a "patent" of higher education people to enjoy.
  Graduates from vocational schools are also talented, and they are given the opportunity to work overseas to enjoy high wages and overseas subsidies. One of my friend after he graduated from the inaugural cin drallig global freight and work for a few years later was sent to Beijing and Shanghai respectively as technical director, not only can save a lot of money, but also invite parents to travel to China every year.
  3. Germany''s education channel is very clear to anyone at any time
  If you want to "change the runway", you can also apply for admission to the university of applied technology for further education. After graduation, you will receive a master''''s degree in recognition of the state. Of course, you can also apply for a "Abitur" (complete high school diploma), and you can apply for a master''s degree and a PhD in a comprehensive university. There is no age limit for school in Germany, which is a typical example of lifelong learning. Therefore, it is not surprising if the white-haired old lady is seen in the college class.
  Because the germans has the idea of universal equality, technicians and have higher income, can enter the universities continue their education at any time, so many germans would rather choose to be technicians, rather than have to compete with a college degree. Because of this, Germany not only has many "looking up at the stars" thinkers, but also has a lot of "down-to-earth" implementors.
  China: technicians should be respected and wages no longer tied to academic qualifications.
  Over the years, the phenomenon of the diploma has led to the upgrading of Chinese institutions, secondary vocational colleges, universities, colleges and universities, heavy academic research, light skills operation, and serious disconnection between graduates and market demand. According to the data, in 2014, only 28 percent of undergraduate and graduate students in Beijing were able to find jobs by April, while the employment rate of the country''''s vocational schools remained above 96 percent.
  In a manufacturing powerhouse, the "blue-collar champion" who won the world skills championship is no worse than a sports star. But in our country, the current technology talented person''''s raise still didn''''t get the "face", most people shortage of senior technicians, technicians education system is not perfect, work hard and ignored, skills, the cultivation of professional talents in our country is experiencing difficulties.
  The country wants to develop, the nation wants to revive, inseparable from all walks of life laborer''''s joint efforts! Excellent technical workers play an irreplaceable important role, should get more attention of the whole society, and only got more courtesy and respect, the development of China''''s the only important team constantly grow and progress!

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