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Industrial robot production rose 50.4 percent in the first five months before the switch  Classification:Industry Information  Released:2017-10-30 9:10:46  Reading:(741)

  In recent years, China''s robot production has been growing at a high rate. Last year, sales of 90,000 units were close to one-third of the global market share, and China has been the  largest industrial robot market for four consecutive years of the world. There is data forecast that China industrial robot market will reach 150,000 units by 2018.
  Robot density is far lower than the world average level of China, as the demographic dividend gradually disappear and industrial transformation and upgrading, the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta and other places are pushing machine substitution, this robot industry in China has brought unprecedented huge opportunities.
  However, in the face of competition from foreign brands, Chinese robotics industry core technology and parts exist for a long time had been, the low-level redundant construction, the enterprise the problem such as "small, scattered, weak", large-scale machine substitution of domestic robot industry also be a serious test.
  Push machines to change people
  On June 14, the national bureau of statistics, according to data released in May, China''s industrial robot production is 10057 / (sets), with 47% of high-speed growth, this is not a one-month phenomenon: robot industry has maintained a high growth in recent years, this year in May, before the industrial robot production growth of 50.4%.
  Looking forward, China''s industrial robot market has been expanding at a very high speed for nearly seven years. According to a recent report by the international federation of robotics (IFR), China''s industrial robots sold 90,000 units in 2016, up 31 per cent year on year, well above the world average of 14 per cent.
  From 2010 to 2010, China''s industrial robot market growth for more than five times, since 2013, China has become the world''s largest industrial robot for four consecutive years market, its share of global market share from 1/5 in 2013, at a quarter to 2014, is close to a third last year.
  Behind this, there is a boom in China''s nascent machine. General assembly, secretary general of the world robot xiao-lan xu told reporter in the 21st century economy, although look from across the country, not the machine substitution phenomenon of large area, but in the eastern part of the represented by guangdong, zhejiang coastal area already appeared the trend changes.
  On one hand, she said, problems such as declining demographic dividends and rising labor costs in the region are forcing companies to replace machines with machines. , on the other hand, with the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, production mode is fine, the flexible transformation, the original manual operation can be difficult to accept a new job, the enterprise also enroll in less than the required labor, also can machine substitution.
  In the view of yao foju, deputy secretary-general of China robot industry union, the layout of the robot industry overlaps with the phenomenon of machine replacement. He pointed out that the current machine replacement is most concentrated in the area distribution of the pearl river delta and the Yangtze river delta. The pearl river delta is represented by guangzhou and foshan. The Yangtze river delta is represented by Shanghai and jiangsu, and some of the giants built by robots have a layout.
  In addition, he said, there are two areas with greater potential. The first is the bohai rim region. The industrial robots in liaoning, tangshan and other places are developing rapidly. The other is the inland area represented by chongqing.
  Robot industry association of China, President dao-kui qu siasun robot to 21st century business herald reporters that Chinese enterprise''s traditional advantage is low cost, labor intensive, machine substitution need most is science and technology, high capital intensity of the industry, as China''s industrial transformation and upgrading will be accompanied by reconfiguration of employment.
  However, xiao-lan xu didn''t think the machine substitution leads to the employment problem, she thought the machine substitution is fading demographic dividend "fruit", a much-needed breeding to meet the requirements of the new era of skilled workers, so as to promote industrial transformation and upgrading.
  Robot industry opportunity challenge coexist
  The emergence of a new wave of machines has created unprecedented opportunities for the robotics industry.
  According to the ministry last year published three ministries and commissions such as the robot industry development planning (2016-2020), by 2020, China''s independent brand industrial robots annual output will reach 100000 units, more than six axis and industrial robots annual output reaches more than 50000 units.
  According to IFR, China''s industrial robot market will reach 150,000 by 2018. By 2020, China''s industrial robot population will be more than 800,000, and the robot density (the number of industrial robots used per 10,000 workers) will reach more than 150.
  Around the world, global manufacturing robot density average of 66, 2015, in which industrial robot density is generally more than 200 in developed countries, China, however, that figure is only 36, it seems that China''s huge market space of industrial robots.
  But is China''s robotics industry ready for a massive machine shift? Xiao-lan xu is not sure, in her view, the robot industry in China is still not mature, independent innovation, the core components are still fragile, blindly large-scale advance machine substitution, will inevitably lead to direct import from abroad robot core parts and even the whole machine, makes the huge China market.
  From the structure, industrial robot mainly consists of four parts: ontology, servo motor, joint reducer and controller. At present, in addition to the ontology of the three key components, the servo motor reducer and basically monopolized by foreign companies, domestic robot machine manufacturing enterprises in the aspect of form a complete set of key components, basic no bargaining power, even the whole manufacturing cost and import the machine upside down, with foreign enterprises in the market competition is very passive.
  According to Qu''s calculations, the cost of components such as motors and reducers that Chinese robots need to import accounted for about 70 per cent of total robot costs.
  On the application, Chinese robot is facing the corner of the high-end market. At present, foreign companies account for 90 percent of market share in multi-joint robot, with foreign brands accounting for 85 percent of the market, according to qu daogui. In the field of high difficulty welding, foreign companies accounted for 84%; More high-end car manufacturing, foreign companies account for 90%. The application of domestic robot equipment mainly focuses on the general industrial fields such as transportation, stacking, and up and down materials.
  The other side of the high-end competition is the low end of the construction, the enterprise "small, loose, weak" problems outstanding.
  According to ministry of machinery industry department li dong, China is now in the production of robots more than more than 800 enterprises, of which more than 200 are the main manufacturing enterprises, most of the assembly and processing is given priority to, in the industrial chain of low-end, industrial concentration is low, the overall size is smaller. At the same time, there are more than 40 industrial parks in the development of robots, with a low level of overburden.
  In a large number of enterprises, more than ninety percent of the enterprise scale is in 100 million yuan the following, even if is the leading enterprises in shenyang siasun, its sales revenue is only 1.69 billion, 2015, it has to do with fanuc, ABB, yaskawa, sales income ten billion yuan, such as the size of the international giant robot, compared to the lack of competitiveness.
  "Relative to the substitution of machine, we should be more concerned about is that in the face of the huge domestic market potential, at present whether the robot industry in China has the ability of independent innovation, to occupy the market." "Xu said.

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