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The growth of the industrial robot market is expected to usher in a new  Classification:Industry Information  Released:2017-11-2 8:50:09  Reading:(802)

  China industrial robot market is growing. According to the latest data released on July 5, "2017 China international robot industry development peak BBS", the total consumption of industrial robots in China reached 889 million in 2016, a 26.6% increase over 2015. Among them, domestic robots sold 29,000 units, an increase of 30.9% year on year.
  It is reported that this year, the domestic robot industry will continue the trend of good development. According to the data from the China robot industry alliance, a total of 43.8% of enterprises have added orders of more than 30% this year, while 43.8% of enterprises have added 10% to 30% of orders.
  Manufacturers of industrial robots "delft intelligent equipment co., LTD.", chairman and general manager Xu Li into said that this year the domestic industrial robot industry is expected to usher in "climax", "like the auto industry in 2001".
  "It is not easy for China industrial robot industry to be in the early stages of development." Qu daogui, President of China robot industry alliance and President of xinsong robot automation co., LTD., told reporters.
  Global industrial robot sales rose 14 per cent in 2016 to 290,000, according to the latest figures from the international federation of robotics (IFR).
  "The demand from Chinese companies is expected to drive double-digit growth in the industrial robot market." Paul said. The IFR report also predicts that, while the overall Asian market will see explosive growth in industrial robots, 40 per cent of global robot sales will be in China by 2019.
  4.0 as industrial development, the industrial transformation and upgrading, the multiple factors, such as population structure adjustment has become the largest industrial robot market in our country, and according to the developing trend, this also is only the beginning.
  According to IFR, the number of industrial robots used worldwide is 69, compared with 49 in China. Compared with industrial developed countries such as Japan, Germany, South Korea and the United States, China gap is relatively obvious, so there is a broad scope for development in the industry.
  "China robot market will continue to grow well for the next 10-15 years." Qu said. China robot network also expects the industry to grow at a compound annual growth rate of about 19.8% over the next five years, with the sales of industrial robots reaching 210,000 units in 2021.
  Many manufacturers are optimistic about the industry''''''''s prospects. Surveys from industry associations show that nearly half of companies have received orders of more than 30% this year, and even manufacturers have said "no orders can be done".
  "The 13th five-year plan, and the next few years to 2025, will remain a critical period for China manufacturing industry, and a golden period for the development of the robot industry and its overall drive." According to luo junjie, deputy director of the ministry of industry and information technology.
  China has more than 40 robot industrial parks and nearly 2,000 robot enterprises, according to the tianxing capital research institute.
  But the industry''''''''s view of the robot business is controversial. Qu said the claims of thousands of robot companies are inaccurate. The entire robot industrial chain from upstream, middle and downstream to the core components, robot ontology manufacturing and system integration, but not generally called robot company.
  "There are not many companies in China that are truly robots, with their own technology, design and research and development capabilities, and in terms of scale and share, there are fewer than 10 integrated companies." Mr Qu said.
  , according to star capital institute of world''s top 20 robots in the enterprise, the Japanese company has 16, 2, South Korea, Sweden and Germany each 1, the company the "active" application for a patent for the basic keep in more than 20 years; In China, the top 20 applicants for industrial robotics are mainly universities and research institutes, with only state grid and shenyang xinsong.
  But things are getting better. According to the China robot industry alliance, domestic multi-joint robots accounted for 21.5 percent of the market in 2016. A few years ago, that number was just 5%. "In the high-end market, Chinese robot products are progressing rapidly." Qu said.

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