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  With the continuous development of manufacturing technology, the machining center has been more and more widely used in all kinds of machining parts, the same brand on the market and the configuration of the machining center, will increase because of its machining range (table size) and prices. How to carry on the function extension on the existing machine tools, to meet processing requirements, make enterprises, schools can reduce the investment, shorten the processing cycle, training technical personnel, is the right choice of walk the road of innovation. A university has purchased 6 VCL850 processing centers. According to the integration requirements of "industry-university-research", the author has successfully cooperated with a company engaged in mechanical processing according to the "going out" strategy. After repeated thinking, calculation and practice, a certain part (WPS - x) is successfully completed
  (c)) processing technology research and trial system, as a practical teaching product for students.
  1, case
  Parts information:
  Name: pump box (wps-x);
  Materials: aluminum alloy;
  Blank: castings;
  Size of blank: 215 mm x 200 mm x 192 mm;
  Scale: medium batch.
  According to the part information, through repeated analysis, calculation and evaluation, finally determined that using existing machining center 6 sets (two of the four axis) with combined into one production line, four axis tooling by four hydraulic equipment (custom). Through consultation and communication with special manufacturer and manufacturer, the basic outline size of the fitting is determined, and the machining center of 850 is not directly installed according to its shape and size. At this point, if the change tooling design, reduced to 2 for the station, can meet the demand of the installation, but the cost of production tooling and did not significantly reduce, and to reduce location can increase the clamping time, to reduce the machining efficiency, do more harm than good, so the author does not change
  Try to lengthen the workbenches in the case of changing tooling. Through the virtual design and simulation, and then purchase the material, the machine is processed by itself, and finally successfully the workbench is reasonable lengthened, realized the installation of the tooling, and successfully carried out the parts processing.
  2. Extension design and production of machining center table
  In the extended design, should pay attention to: (1) according to the size of the custom tooling, installed in a virtual, and see whether it can ensure the normal operation of the machine tool, the extended workbench when mobile whether have interference with any other parts of the machine tool, whether affect the tool change, etc. (2) understand the carrying capacity of the machine tool and the machining range. The extension of the worktable must be reasonably carried out in the machine tool''s processing and operation range, and it will not allow savage and blind reformation, causing the equipment and life safety accidents! (3) to accurately calculate the stress condition of the parts and ensure the reliability and stability of the processing. (4) the working table lengthening mechanism has certain tunability, convenient loading and unloading, reliable bearing, accurate positioning and easy processing.
  The support plate can be moved along the direction block of the original table in the processing center, so as to adjust the spacing and gap between the installation special tooling, and play a role in positioning. The support plate is connected with the original workbench of the machining center (threaded connection is used here). The position and quantity of the threaded holes shall be matched and reasonably distributed with the worktable t-slot. The position and quantity of the threaded hole should match the installation size of the dial, and the function of connecting the original work table and the CNC dividing disk is required. The support plate needs to be about one piece, the processing dimension and the precision of the two plates should be unified.
  3. Conclusion
  Through local materials, reasonable extension, extended processing center workbench, to complete the installation of the specialized equipment and tooling, the processing of multiple process concentrated in one time, to a great extent, save the cost, but also reduce the auxiliary time of clamping, improve the efficiency of the machine tool. The extended cycle is also short, and the expanded processing center can be quickly put into use to produce productive benefits. In addition, as a teaching demonstration center in guizhou province and a training base for numerical control technology, teachers'' practical ability has been greatly improved in the process of expansion, so as to better serve the teaching.

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