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Abstract:Shenzhen Yinghe Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen YingHe technology Co.,LTD


    YingHe is the leading domestic new energy battery automation equipment production solutions provider. The company around the needs of customers continue to innovate, and partners open cooperation, mastered the production of lithium production, cutting, production, winding, die cutting, laminated and other key technologies, and it''s ophisticated, efficient, flexible, Safe and reliable product features, has become the domestic lithium-ion battery automation equipment, the main supplier.

Win to make new energy production safer and more efficient for the mission, the use of mechanical automation and precision machining field of professional experience, so that customers become more efficient and easy to produce products. The company adhere to the continuous technological innovation for customers continue to create value, in 2011, the domestic invention patent licensing and application volume ranks first in the industry; independent research and development company, lithium battery winding and production of integrated equipment through the China Light Industry Federation Technology The results identified as fill the gaps. Companies rely on a strong R & D team, by virtue of continuously enhance the ability to innovate, highlight the flexibility to customize the ability to increasingly improve the delivery capacity to win the trust of many customers and cooperation.

Main Products: Coater Series, Slitter Series, Production Machine Series, Coil Burner Series, Laminate Machine Series, Die Cutting Machine Series, Injection Machine Series ......

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