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Common faults and solutions in gantry processing center  Classification:Technical Support  Released:2017-8-11 15:10:37  Reading:(775)
Incorrect or incorrect size of the carvings at the machining center:
  1. Check the correct path of the carving software
  2. Check the clearance size of the screw rod and the fastening screw of the rod
  3. Check the correct setting of software parameters
  When the X-axis walks a certain period, the z-axis doesn''t lift the knife, but it goes up and goes down
  1. Check whether the z-axis motor runs normally, power and driver current size or malfunction
  2. Check whether the z-axis motor line has any bad contact or intermittent conditions
  The condition of the spindle motor not turning or reversing:
  1. Check the parameters of the frequency converter
  2. Whether the signal line of the frequency converter is reversed.
  The phenomenon of smashing knife:
  1. The z-axis motor is not enough and the coupling is loose
  2. The current of the z-axis drive is too small, or the signal line is wrong.
  When the software is turned on, the axial shutdown occurs:
  1. Problems of the drive or the contact of the computer output signal line
  2. Bad contact of motor line.
  During the engraving process, the limit phenomenon occurs:
  1. Check whether the carving path is more than the sculptural range
  2. Soft limit for parameter setting in software.
  When the machine is switched on, the machine is not electrified:
  1. Check whether the start button is connected and the button is burnt.
  2. Check whether the ac contactor is short or burnt.
  The movement of the shaft of the gantry machining center in one direction only:
  1. Check whether the thread is normal and the line is in contact.
  2. Check whether there is virtual welding of motor line.
  The sending software cannot be opened normally and the carved objects are deformed.
  1. Reinstall the new system and software.
  2. Check whether the X, Y-axis screw and screw are loose.
  3. The carving knife has problems.
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