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Horizontal lathe operation and use of CNC system  Classification:Technical Support  Released:2017-8-11 15:09:43  Reading:(437)

  Horizontal lathe in my production indispensable a mechanical style, his produce bring more convenience to our lives, so in the process of we use or related aspects of it to learn more about in this way can we better let''s production and life.
  So right about the horizontal lathe operation specification mainly has the following points, horizontal lathe maintenance concept, not just confined to the numerical control system failure occurs, how to troubleshoot and repair in time, make the nc system put into use as soon as possible, but should also include the correct use and daily maintenance, etc. Steps for proper operation and use of the numerical control system:
  1. Check before the CNC system
  (1) check whether the printed circuit boards in the CNC unit are fastened, and whether the plugs are loose or not.
  (2) carefully check whether the entire connection cable between the CNC device and the outside world is connected in a proper and reliable way according to the provision of the connected manual provided by the random person.
  (3) whether the ac input power connection meets the requirements specified by the CNC equipment.
  (4) confirm whether the various hardware in the CNC device is in line with the requirements of CNC devices. Only through the above inspection, the CNC device can be put into operation.
  2. Check the power of the CNC system
  (1) first check whether the various fans in the numerical control device work properly.
  (2) confirm whether the dc power supply on each printed circuit or module is normal, within the allowable fluctuation range.
  (3) further confirm the parameters of CNC devices.
  (4) when the numerical control device is connected to the machine, the imported pump should be ready to press the emergency stop button while the power supply is connected, so that the power can be switched off at any time in case of emergency.
  (5) use the manual to move each axis at low speed to observe whether the moving direction of the machine tool is correct.
  Through the above introduction believe that everyone in the later in the process of using our production process will be more convenient, so, in any of our team to production and processing of a product at the same time, must understand the relevant product features, so that it can bring more convenient to our future development.

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